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Dentists, hygienists, and physicians choose us. People from Barrington, Kildeer, Lake Zurich, Deer Park and as far away as Iowa, Wisconsin, and Indiana choose us. For specialized work, we’ve had dentists fly in from other parts of the country to see Dr. Century.  Why is this? Is it the four specialized lasers? The microscopes? The one-visit CEREC crowns? Or is it any one of the dozens of things that help to make our office unique.

Actually, we think it’s because of our three promises.

One. Simply put, we take the time and effort to ensure you’re comfortable during your visit. For example, when we clean your teeth, we put aside extra time aside so we can be both gentle and thorough. For another example, if you need to get numb, we use the very latest in computer-assisted anesthetic delivery instead of old-fashioned syringes. It’s not 1980 anymore. With lasers, computer-delivered anesthetic, and a well-trained, empathetic staff, there’s no reason for anything to hurt. Seriously.

Two. No surprises, clinically or financially. This means we'll show you, on oversized HD computer monitors, why work is needed, what your options are, and what you can expect. With a doctor up on the latest techniques, you’ll have the choice of today’s options which are often less expensive. You'll know what it will cost, in writing, with everything included—we don't like being nickel and dimed either.

Three. We'll show you the difference between just getting dental care and being cared for. We’ll treat you way we want to be treated and See why we’ve asked us to train other health care providers on customer service.

Come join the many happy people who’ve built a lasting relationship with us!

Choose the dentist that other dentists, hygienists, and physicians choose for themselves

Our Three Promises

We’ll take the time to ensure nothing hurts

No unpleasant surprises

We’ll treat you the way we want to be treated